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Our site was developed to help you find the best RC boats for sale based on a summarized collection of consumer reviews. As many look to the skies for review sites on drones (such as this one) to take their hobbies off the ground, we prefer to take to the waters!

RC boats for sale

If you haven’t noticed already, there aren’t as many sites with RC boats for sale as there are other remote control electronics likes drones, cars, and helicopters. Because of this we’ll share the top sites to buy RC boats from and which boats we recommend you check out for buying.

What are Remote Control (RC) Boats?

RC boats are scaled down watercrafts that are controlled via a remote that sends a frequency allowing the driver to navigate the miniature boat through the water. They can be small enough to fit in your bath tub to give your kids something to play with to entice them to get in and clean that dirt from behind their ears, or they can stand 6 feet tall with massive sails ready to

It’s almost impossible to head to the Conservatory Water in central park NYC and not see numerous RC boats sailing about the beautiful pond.

Types of RC Boats

There are a numerous different types of RC boats for sale in the market all with different looks, some are replicas of notable boats from history, some are futuristic looking, and some built for speed. Despite aesthetic differences, the most notable difference would be the power source for the boat. There are two primary engine types each with their own ups and downs, the most common power sources would be the following types:

  • Electric Powered – These are the most common and on average tend to be cheaper.
    • Standard Batteries. RC boats that run on standard batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, etc.) usually are ones you’d find in a toy isle in Walmart or Toys R’Us and though may be great for the kids to play with in the tub, aren’t really anything I’d suggest taking out on a larger pond. The speed on these type of boats usually maxes out at 15mph if you’re lucky therefore are usually labeled ‘toy grade’.
    • Rechargeable Batteries. RC boats for sale with these type of batteries are usually for those who are looking for more speed. The power these batteries can deliver is increased notable as well as the duration of the drive time. On more advanced RC boats there can be much more that the battery needs to control beyond the engine, i.e. pumps, lights, self-righting, etc.
  • Gas Powered – Almost all gas powered boats would be considered ‘hobby grade’ meaning that they require an advanced knowledge and expertise in properly and safely controlling them. They are more expensive but some can reach speeds of up to 70mph. These engines do require more maintenance but they give the boat an authentic feel hearing the sputtering of the gas engine.

There are some other types of engines that one may come across in the market however these two are the most common power sources used.

Best Places to Find RC Boats for Sale

There are a few good merchants we’ve come to trust when looking for RC boats for sale:

  • RC boats for sale - HobbytronHobbyTron has a variety of RC products as well as other hobby toys for sale. We’ve purchased a few boats from them and have always been happy with the customer support we’ve received. They have a decent selection of RC boats ranging in price as well. If you’re looking for a boat for your kid, then the cheaper options there wouldn’t be too bad just don’t expect high quality for dirt cheap prices when looking through their selection. They do have a few top grade boats that are really nice though. Visit their page here.
  • RC boats for sale - AmazonThe well known Amazon has an endless amount of products available. When I know of a model I want but can’t find that RC boat for sale anywhere else I resort to buying from Amazon. Most of the products I’ve bought from Amazon have come fairly quickly however there have been a couple instances where the seller took quite a while to get my product out. My first go-to is HobbyTron and if I can’t find it there Amazon.
  • rc-boats-for-sale-enforcerrcEnforcerRC offers high quality RC boats for sale that I’d recommend for those who have a bit more experience driving these boats. You can find ready to go boats there as well as; kits to build your own, engines, or various other external parts to replace on your current boat. I’d consider the this merchant to be the higher end producer of the three places to buy suggested here.

Why Get a RC Boat?

These miniature water crafts provide hours of entertainment  for both kids and adults. They are great for getting younger kids to learn about vehicular controls and how to navigate marine settings (something you definitely want them to know before they hop behind the wheel of a real vehicle). Aside from the technical benefits of taking your kid out to drive RC boats, it’s an opportunity to spend some valued time with one another.

Another use for RC boats is competitive speed racing, where you’d be amazed at the speed these boats can attain. Large events are held around these races with cash prizes at stake.

Some RC boats for sale are used for fishing. Fisherman will string the boat up with their line and rig up a fishing setup to reach waters further out that they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

The other reason people buy RC boats is just for fun as a hobby! It’s a relaxing feeling heading out on a nice sunny day and steering the boat around the creek or pond a little.

Before you Visit Those Sites!

It might help for you to get an idea of what the best RC boats for sale are. Some of those sites have a pretty big selection so it’s easy to get overwhelmed and struggle on which to buy.

This review site looks at RC boats in various styles: speed racing, sailing, gas powered, and fishing boats. Each page will run through the top recommended RC boats for that category.

Enough talk let’s sail into our reviews on the various RC boats for sale.

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